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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are snappy and engaging. They can transform the way people interact and connect with a product and are one of the most effective forms of video marketing content out there. 

Yes, you can use an AI voice, but will your customers trust it The human voice has a special tone and warmth that is yet to be matched by AI. 

Explainer Samples

The video to the left, is a sample of how explainer videos can help various industries educate their customers. 


I worked with Airraine Industries in South Korea to narrate their new air separation membrane. This is a typical explainer video for new products being introduced to the market. 


This Medit Academy video shows how explainer videos can be used to update clients on new features for your product. 

GHC Haulage

Tucking and logistics is pertinent for large companies to get their goods to vendors across the country. In this explainer for GHC Haulage, we wanted to showcase the company benefits to recruit employees.

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